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Essar Business Center

Essar Business Center offers small-medium businesses the workspace to conduct daily operations to grow their business. We are located in Osu, next to Air Burkina Sales Office. We have offices ranging in sizes from 100 sq. ft to 150 sq. ft per office. However, offices can be combined if you require extra space. Our office rental per month is all-inclusive of the following to ensure you don’t need to worry about additional expenses: 

  1. Fully-equipped offices

  2. Electricity (ECG)

  3. Wi-Fi

  4. Parking

  5. Security

  6. Concierge Service with Printer/Photocopier

  7. Waste Disposal

  8. Kitchen & Washroom

  9. Conference Room (1-hour/week FREE)


Contact us via email or phone if you are interested or need additional information in renting an office space at Essar Business Center! 

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